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Smart-BUS Patented Protocol is also an Open Protocol provided to Professional Developers and Integrators Free of Charge. (Any Registered Organization / Developer Can Easily and directly get the complete Protocol documents that they need after filling and Signing the proper Quality Network Paperwork). The Inventors Mr. Firas Mazloum Mr. Mendel Lin, and Mr. Turath Mazloum has Made Sure to patent the Protocol and BUS technology To Make Sure that it remains Open to Serve Humanity and Environment.

Below are the downloadable documents of protocols:

Smart-BUS Protocol v.1.4
Protocol v.1.4
Smart-BUS Commands v.5.1
Commands v.5.1
Zone-Audio2 Protocol v.3.6
Protocol v.3.6
Dry Contact Input - 4Z Protocol v.1.0
4Z Protocol v.1.0
Nuvo Protocol v.0.7
Nuvo Protocol v.0.7